Best Experience In Mount Rinjani Trekking

Rinjani mountain is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Lombok because this tour is not anya presents beautiful natural scenery but also provides a challenge for every tourist who wants to reach the top of Rinjani. Every year there will always be many tourists both local tourists and foreign tourists who climb to the top of Rinjani. For those of you who want to do the climb should do between July to August where the climate and weather will be very bright and supportive to climb so that the natural panorama during the your trip to the top will be seen clearly. There are several tour packages in climbing Mount Rinjani Trekking but most climbers usually choose the package 3 days 2 nights (3D2N).

With a considerable amount of time you can set the stamina well because the rest will be more than the package 2 days 1 night. The atmosphere will be more cold when the journey begins to enter the door of Mount Rinjani National Park. Climbers will usually choose one of 2 popular climbing routes, namely Sembalun route as an easy route and Senaru route as a difficult route. That way the climbers can choose the climb route according to their ability. But you need to know that there is still one more route that is still rarely passed by the climbers of the Torean route where plantations and fields will dominate the path you pass.

When approaching the peak of the climbers will usually continue the journey when dusk is about 3 o’clock in the morning to get the best view of the sunrise that occurred on Mount Rinjani. But other than that from above that height you and the other climbers can see the views of the island of Lombok in a wide, segara children and 3 other mountains located on 3 different islands. That’s a bit of beauty that you can enjoy having made it through the grueling journey to the top of Rinjani. But the real beauty will be very difficult to express by the words if you see it with your own eyes directly.