Mount Bromo Ijen Tours Memorable Volcano Holiday in East Java

Mount Bromo Ijen Tours Memorable Volcano Holiday in East Java . Hiking and mountain climbing are popular activities when visiting Bromo. Bromo is active volcano is East Java that’s visited by many tourists to enjoy its crater. Besides Bromo, several mountains also have interesting scenery, particularly their craters. Bromo and Semeru belong to the same national park, but you cannot ignore mount Ijen in the far east of Java. It has unique crater with blue flame. If you intend to enjoy both mountains, Bromo ijen tour package has several options to fulfil such needs. This trip could be start from surabaya, malang, bali, banyuwangi, probolinggo, jakarta, jogjakarta or lombok.

Bromo Ijen Volcano Tour

Mount Bromo Ijen Tours Memorable Volcano Holiday in East Java

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What is difference between Ijen and Bromo? This might be the very first question that comes in your mind when trying to create travel plan to visit both locations. Both of them are active volcanoes that always on eruption stage, but in very low level. In past ten years, Bromo gained reputation because of few minor eruptions. Visitors are banned to reach this mountain. To reach bromo crater, you should start in early day then drive the jeep. This is first plan to enjoy sunrise in the morning. The most popular site on Bromo is sea of sand that covers vast area at Bromo surrounding. It looks like small dessert, but the temperature is not as high as the real one. In this area, you can go around riding horse. Moreover in Bromo, there is local community called Tengger with this mountain as its center of ritual and life. This is also part of Bromo ijen tour package.

In addition, Ijen Crater is popular site to visit and people will see blue flame due to sulfur gas. This is why tourists want to experience at first place. This mountain is greener than Bromo with nature forest at its surrounding. For your information, Mount Ijen is located in Banyuwangi and you will go on long trip from Bromo. After reaching this destination, trekking and hiking become the good choices due to easy path. Well, that is what you get fromĀ  Bromo Ijen Package Tour Memorable Volcano Holiday in East Java.