Entertaining Journey with Mount Bromo Tour Package

Entertaining Journey with Mount Bromo Tour Package. Mountain has its own thing to attract people. Many tourist attractions are in mountain, including Mount Bromo. It is located in East Java, specifically at four regencies: Malang, Lumajang, Probolinggo, and Pasuruan. Bromo tour package includes several tours depending on what tourists want. Bromo is still primary destination, but you cannot ignore Semeru and Tengger.

Description of Mount Bromo Tour Package

The journey starts from dark to enjoy sunrise in the next morning. Well, this mountain delivers the delightful and splendid scenery when the sun rises in the east. You can go to this mountain using jeep until finding the proper spot. After that, another attraction is the sea of sand that looks similar to dessert. It is rare to find the vast sand that covers large area in mountain. However, the temperature is low, so you do not have to worry when going around this place. In the sea of sand, you may rent horse from Tengger people who live in Bromo and surrounding areas since long time ago. Bromo tour package also puts crater as the special option. To reach Bromo crater, you need to prepare the climbing gear. The guide will help to lead you to reach crater area in the morning.

Entertaining Journey with Mount Bromo Tour Package

Well, Bromo is active volcano, so you need to pay attention before visiting this place. Several eruptions happen from minor to major in the last centuries. The record showed that major eruptions have thirty years circle, but the minor ones happen occasionally. However, Bromo is still safe as tourist destination. Besides beautiful landscape, this mountain is the center of Tengger community and culture. Kesodo ritual is offering ceremony for God to ask the blessing and prosperity. This is part of culture tourism that cannot be ignored, but only on special days. Enjoying Kesodo and visiting temple at Bromo are interesting offer from Surabaya Bromo tour.

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